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Need to replace the transponder key of your car? Find out how an auto locksmith can help and learn how reprogramming the transponder key chip might be the solution with the help of our tips. And if you don’t still have one, ask your locksmith if your car has this feature.

Check the strike plate if you hear a strange sound during locking and unlocking

Find out whether the strike plate is properly secured into place and inspect it for scratching or bending caused by the movement of the bolt or bolts. If you notice any of these problems, the lockset must be adjusted immediately to work normally, according to our specialists.

Do not attempt to pick the lock in case of lost house keys

This action can cause immense damage to the cylinder and make it more difficult for the door to be opened eventually. The damage will also pose the need for repairing the lock. If it is severely damaged, it will have to be replaced. Given all this, it is best to call our locksmith service.

Have a duplicate car key cut and give it to someone you trust

Take the proactive step of having a spare car key cut before you find yourself in an emergency situation, it might save you the cost of paying emergency callout fees. Give the key to a reliable family member or friend who can be reached if you’re ever locked out of your car.

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