The following answers to FAQ associated to keys and locks will clarify many things and help you out in times of need

Make your life more secure and easier by answering several of your questions about keys and locks. Here below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about key repair and lock solutions, how to make choices and how to protect your properties. Check them out

What is lock rekey all about?

This method involves changing the pin configuration of the cylinder inside the lock. When the pins are changed, the old key can no longer be used so you will receive a new one. The change is typically made after a key loss in order to prevent the unauthorized use of the missing key. Only locks in good condition are rekeyed.

Why does the key not fit in the keyway?

This problem is caused by some kind of blockage. There can be a firm object or some other hardened substance like ice inside. Our experts recommend that you stop making attempts to insert the key in immediately and have the lock cleaned and fixed right away. You must not use any kind of sharp object to free the keyway.

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